Frequently Asked Questions

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We’ve had our pump for a few years, is it worth repairing?

Yes! Most pumps are repairable for fraction of the cost of a new pump. Repairing a pump typically cost a third of the cost of a new pump and will give you many more years of service.

My pump makes a buzzing noise when I turn it on. What is the issue, and can it be fixed?

Yes! It is most likely that your pump capacitor doesn’t have enough energy to kick start the pump and needs replacing. This can easily be fixed and we would be more than happy to help.

Do you provide a warranty?

Yes! We provide a 6-month guarantee on all the work we perform.

If my pump is not repairable can you sell me a new pump?

Yes! We stock an extensive range of quality new and pre-loved pumps and offer complete installation services and back-up saving you time and money!

Do you repair other pool equipment?

Yes! We can repair most pool equipment including Chlorinators, Pool Dosing and Pool cleaners.

Can you supply other pool equipment?

Yes! We can supply anything you need for your pool at very competitive prices, backed up by professional service and installation.

Can you recommend other pool equipment and pool services?

Yes! We work with a network of trusted industry professionals who can help with anything to do with your pool.

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